About Us

Millies restaurant opened in June 2010 to return to the laid back beach side attitude so loved by locals and visitors of Nantucket. Chef David Scribner's California Baja style menu, focuses on fresh local seafood utilizing local produce, handmade salsa and guacamole are sprinkled throughout the menu to invite you to take bite after bite of mouth-watering creations. Owners Bo Blair, David Scribner, David Simon, and Chris Cochran spearheaded a full renovation to breathe new life into one of Nantucket's landmark restaurants. While the menu has changed, you can still find the famous Madaket mystery and the best sunsets on Nantucket.

Named after an iconic Nantucket resident 'Madaket Millie' Jewett, a Nantucket legend, spent her life caring for the beaches, the animals and the people of Madaket. Reserved, yet strong minded, Millie embodied the self reliant spirit of native islanders. She was beloved by locals and visitors alike, always willing to help people in need. Millie patrolled the coastline and watched for shipwrecks, earning her the highest civilian rank from the US Coast Guard. She sold ice cream, greeted passerby from her yard on Hither Creek, and developed a close friendship with Mr. Rogers, among others. We hope to carry on Millie's commitment to and passion for Madaket by offering a gathering place for visitor – old and new – to experience this unique part of Nantucket.

326 Madaket Road, Nantucket, MA 02554-2676

PHONE: (508) 228-8435 ‎ EMAIL: info@milliesnantucket.com